Local History of Southern Lancaster County, PA.

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For those interested in researching history and genealogy, we suggest that you visit the Southern Lancaster Historical Society warehouse, open every Wednesday morning. It’s located directly across the road from the Robert Fulton Birthplace, Rt. 222, (Robert Fulton Hwy., 6 miles south of Quarryville.

The Ark

Between 140-150 N Church Street, Quarryville, PA 17566

“The Ark” is an old stone building that remains one of the most intriguing structures in the Southern End of Lancaster County. This mansion, erected in 1791 by Martin Barr, was one of several buildings that he built around that time period and still stands today on “Mount Ararat.” The house was centrally located on the property owned by Martin Barr at the time. The structure was made mostly of strong walnut wood; the walls were twenty-four inches thick and a hallway twelve feet wide! “The Ark” was in existence before Quarryville came to be and the area was instead known as “Barr’s Quarries” until 1833. Abram Barr inherited “the Ark” after Martin Barr passed away. Many years later after the grandchildren of Martin Barr died off the estate was divided and sold. “The Ark” was bought and became “Hotel Quarryville.” Richard, Thomas, James T., John W., Timothy A., and Peter Swift. Illustrated Historical Atlas of Lancaster County. East Petersburg, PA: Historical Atlas Pr, 2006. Print. “Quarryville Walking Tour” Conducted by Catharine Jean Horn Shaubach, A. “Our Town” Quarryville, PA. 1961. Print.


Robert Fulton Birthplace

1932 Fulton Hwy., Quarryville, PA 17566, (717) 548-2679

Robert Fulton is best known for having built the steamboat Clermont, which successfully navigated the Hudson against winds and current in 1807. Fulton was also an accomplished artist, and his work included miniature portraits of prominent Philadelphians, including Benjamin Franklin, with whom Fulton associated. The beautiful stone house where Fulton was born in 1765. Visitors can tour the house and see what life was like in the mid-18th century. The Southern Lancaster County Historical Society, operator of the Fulton Birthplace, conducts a number of special events, fairs, youth projects, family educational programs, and other activities for members. For more information click here.


Hans Herr House Museum

1849 Hans Herr Dr., Willow Street, PA 1758, 717.464.4438

The 1719 Hans Herr House, built in that year by Hans’ son, Christian, is the oldest surviving dwelling place of European settlers in what is now Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is the oldest original Mennonite meeting house still standing in the Western Hemisphere. Tours of the house and museum are available. For a schedule, prices and more information, visit www.hansherr.org/Home.


Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church

1068 Chestnut Level Rd., Quarryville, PA 17566

We’re looking for details about this photo to include on our web site. For Chestnut Level information visit www.chestnutlevel.org.


Peoples’ General Store

56 Main St., New Providence, PA 17560, 717.786.8974

Now owned by Musser’s Bed and Breakfast. In 1825 John Peoples and his wife built a general store in New Providence and lived above it. They sold harnesses and penny candy and flour and fabric. New Providence became a popular town with a train station, two general stores, one of the world’s largest fish hatcheries, a mill, some churches, blacksmith shops, a hotel and tavern. The Peoples’ General Store became the Wiggins’ General Store and then the Denlingers’ General Store. It closed in 1970. For more history about the store and Musser’s Bed and Breakfast, visit mussersbedandbreakfast.com.


Quarryville Post Office

Approximate Location TBD, Quarryville, PA 17566

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Saint Paul’s Church

1 West 4th Street, Quarryville, PA 17566

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