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In the business segment of our agency which encompasses our commercial and employee benefits department, we use a process called “PRISM”. This is used for both large and small clients as well as in between. In the process, we dive into the clients business to get to know them where they are and where they envision themselves in the future. We work hard on strategies to get them where they need to be by helping them improve their risk profile, and going ahead of their needs to anticipate what is to come. Our process is extensive as that is where get to understand the complexities of their businesses. We work to create unique solutions, sometimes out of the “ insurance placement” to help them with their bottom line. An example would be in the employee benefits division. Employee benefits are ever changing and a large expense for companies. We are consistently looking outside of the insurance market to see where we can help with cost for our clients. It feels great to see their reaction the creativity that we bring!

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