In attendance – on Zoom: 

President/Secretary Mandy Leggett, Treasurer Cathy Kaschak, Board Members Anthony Cavallaro, Kelli Brandenberger, Kris Bradley and Kristen Phipps. General members: Trudy Grove, Fred Engle, Sharon Roche, Ina Bunnell, Jadan Willis, Alan Oliver, April Perez, Dayna Reidenouer, Susan Morgenroth, Keith Kaufman, Brian Bliss, Eric Keyer, Deb Riddell, Heather Kreiger, Patten Mills, Kendall Keeler, Tom Groody, Bill Regitz, Wendy Royal, Peter Fiorello, Jona Green, Chris Heal, Teresa Dolan, Raeanne Nixon. (32 total people)


Mandy opened the meeting with some announcements: Barnstormers tickets are available, Trudy is looking for 5K sponsorships, Marsha Charles is looking for office space in Quarryville or the surrounding area, scholarships are available to apply and ads will be out soon, Women in Business is now meeting twice a month and next month’s General Member Meeting will be on real estate in Lancaster County. She also mentioned that we will stay on Zoom until lawyer Brandon Harter gives us the go ahead to meet in person, as well as Murray Insurance. Finally, she recognized our new board member Kristen Phipps, reintroduced Kris Bradley as a board member and mentioned that Megan Witmer and Keith will be advisors to the board. 

Everyone introduced themselves and their business. 

Cathy did a very sweet thank you announcement to Mandy for serving the last year as president despite all the challenges of COVID. *Cathy noted that Keith wrote the speech with the help of the board. 

Kendall took over as host and led inspiring questions to our panel of non-profit leaders that attended: Raeanne (Solid Rock), Sharon (Quarryville Library), Anthony (Quarryville Police Foundation), Keith (Solanco Education Foundation), Teresa (Solanco Food Bank) and Deb Riddell (New Hope Ministries). 

(It was an excellent meeting!)