Desert Dreams Design Studio

Desert Dreams Design Studio is an artist studio that provides graphics design for small businesses and art for sale made from recycled materials (jewelry and art made from aluminum cans, plastic bottles cd/dvds and much more). With over 30 years experience in graphic design as an in-house Art Director, Desert Dreams Design Studio provides a complete service for all a small business’s marketing print needs. From business cards to billboards, no matter the substrate to be printed on, we provide the art files that can be printed at any printer of choice – no stress, no problems. As a designer and maker of “art to wear” pieces of jewelry made from “upcycled” material, Desert Dreams Design Studio has been featured in the national magazine “Lapidary Journal” for the work done with recycled material offering a unique way to give the customer a way lower their carbon footprint. Going green has never looked so good! New for 2021 are “paintings” made entirely of aluminum cans.

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