August 2022 General Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 11th, 2022 @ C.R. Lapp’s (New Member Breakfast)

7:45 AM – Meeting Opening & 2022 New Member Announcements

  • Harold Naylor with Good Neighbors Home Repair
  • Michael Drake with Presence Bank
  • Aileen Romich with Sahd Metal Recycling
  • Valerie Stocker with State Farm

8:00 AM – Announcements & Events

  • Southern Lancaster County Night at the Barnstormers
    • Saturday, August 13th – Events begin at 5:30pm, game starts at 6:30pm.
    • Congratulations to Michelle Emenheiser with Engle Printing & Publishing for winning the marketing table.
  • Banquet Committee Signups
    • We are still looking for extra hands to assist with the Banquet Committee. Reach out to Kathy Trapp or Megan Witmer for more details.
  • Chamber Testimonials
    • As more people join, people feel more driven with there are words from current members, showcasing why they joined the Chamber and how the Chamber can be a wonderful support system. Submit your testimonial here:
  • Solanco Fair
    • September 14th – 16th – Looking for booth volunteers. Contact Maureen Wheeler at

8:10 AM – EAT, CHAT, ENJOY! ☺ 

9:00 AM – Closing & Final Words from Jona Green

New Businesses – September 2021 until Now

Best Professionals Cleaning

Camp Cadet

Centennial Lending Group

EHD Insurance

Energy Links

Fox Pest

Good Neighbors Home Repair

H & H Graphics

Homefields, Inc.

Jadan Tanner Photo

Melanie B. Scheid Funeral Directors & Creamation Services

Octorara Covenantor Presbyterian Foundation

Presence Bank

Quarryville Resorts – Yogi Bear

Referral Partners Plus – Lancaster South Chapter

Sahd Metal

Tender Love & Fry

The Vue at Allison’s

Thomas Holman – TMobile


Valerie Stocker State Farm Insurance

July 2022 General Member Meeting Minutes

July 14th @ DoubleTree by Hilton, Lancaster, PA

Meeting formally begins at 07:30am.

Members networked until 07:45am. They were encouraged to review the General Meeting Agenda.

Jona opened the meeting at 07:45am


  • New Introduction: Jona announced that Chyanne Hart is the new Secretary for the SLCCC. The board has spent time reviewing possible candidates & elected Chyanne on July 6th, 2022, post board meeting.
  • National Night Out – August 2nd at 18:00: 
    • Lampeter, New Providence & Quarryville
  • New Member Breakfast – August 11th at 07:30: C.R. Lapp’s in Quarryville, PA.
  • Barnstormers’ Southern Lancaster Night – August 13th at 17:30:
  • Small Business Night at The Barnstormers – August 25th at 18:30:
    • Businesses are encouraged to sign up for a table and/or sponsorships.

General Introductions: Every member introduced their name, their organization and any direct announcements/comments regarding their organization.

Keystone Wildfire Crew

  • Based in Manor Township – affiliated with Blue Rock Fire Company
  • Started off based out of a barn in Pequea, PA.
  • Department of Conservation & Natural Resources oversees all 
  • Only 15 members are qualified to be able to go out on scene for the wildfires.
  • 2 brush trucks – including a retired airport military vehicle.
  • Smokey the Bear is their mascot.
  • Community events are important – urban interface is important.
  • Pinnacle fire prior to Christmas, required people to be there for five (5) days. 12 acres were affected.
    • Chicken BBQ is April 15th, 2023 in Columbia, PA.
  • 9 fire calls, to date, in 2022.
  • 67 acres burned across DCNR & 20 of the acres were in Lancaster County.

End of presentation.

Speed Networking

  • Members are split into small groups, amongst five (5) round tables.
    • Discussing individual organizations, what they do and goals for their businesses.
    • Reviewed personal goals & passions
    • What brought them to the Chamber and why?
    • Round table discussions consisted of 4-5 people at each table.


  • Jona Green closed the meeting at 09:05.

June 2022 General Member Meeting Minutes

June, 9th @ DoubleTree

Members networked until 7:45am. A clipboard went around for members to sign-in, and to sign up for various committees

Jona opened the meeting at 7:45am

Scholarship winners were announced and gave short overview of themselves

  • Kyle Kanuha, Owen Witmer, Gavin Switzer were present


  • Entrepreneur Edge: Next meeting is about mental health as a small business owner, June 21st @ 7pm on Zoom
  • National Night Out on 8/2 @ 6PM: looking for volunteers for all three locations
    • 6/13/22 edit- we have enough volunteers!
  • Barnstormers’ Southern Lancaster Night on 8/13 at 5:30PM: businesses can sign up for a table to market/connect with the community before the game
  • Holly provided an updated regarding the expenses and profit of the shredding event
    • ~$3K in donations and ~$1100 profit
    • Move date for next year; align with other shredding events in the community

Tax Panel Discussion Notes

  • Paula Paisley (Paisley Solutions)
  • Scott Frick (Bertz, Hess, & Co)
  • Use obstacles, such as COVID, to push ahead and overcome. 
  • Businesses should look into the ERC (employee retention credit). It may take 3-6 months to amend the return, but the wait could very well be worth it for your business. 
  • Keep an open dialogue throughout the year with your industry professionals – book-keeping, accountants, legal, marketing. Etc. 
  • Check out resources, such as the, to stay on top of updates in the legal world that may impact your business in the future. Local chambers are also helpful!
  • Keep up with your book-keeping throughout the year. Personal deductions should be kept out of your business accounts.
  • Explain and document all business purchases at time of purchase. It can be difficult to remember months or years later. The IRS will audit 3 years back. 
  • Be sure to reimburse your personal self for business start up costs.
  • Membership fees, such as a chamber, are deductible and would be considered advertising. 
  • CPA’s are not an attorney, they can provide business/tax advice but not legal advice. Be sure to consult with your legal team. 
  • You need to report cash, the legal repercussions could be great if audited. This could also impact the overall worth of your business and could impact your ability to apply for a business loan, sell your business, or insure your business appropriately. 
  • QuickBooks and Sage are good book-keeping tools but can create lazy accounting, trusting the software is doing everything right. Businesses should understand how the audit trail works, as QB will show any deleted or modified files. 
  • You should understand your business financial statements and share your P+L forms with your advisors. Meet with your advisors throughout the year, at least twice but could be quarterly.
  • You should work with your trusted advisors to create a succession or “exit strategy” if you plan to hand off or sell your business. 
  • The law has definitions of who is legally considered an employee vs. 1099 contractor. It’s important to know the difference so you are following the rules appropriately.
  • Information for W9’s are tough to get later; be sure to gather this information before time of service so that you can easily provide 1099’s to your contractors. 1099’s are due from you by end of January. 

End of panel discussion.

Announcements from members: 

  • Kris Bradley – Namespark
    • Tanglewood Golf has a Flag Day promo this weekend. $5 from each round of golf will be donated to Veterans. 
  • Tracy – Morr Outdoor 
    • Morr is exploring a kids camp for this summer, more information to come. 
    • Solanco Neighborhood Ministries – July 20th fundraiser at Britain Hill Winery
  • Anthony – Quarryville Mayor
    • Guest bartending at Britain Hill Livery – June 24th  (with Scott Peiffer)
    • 2nd Annual First Responders Event – July 16th
  • Scott Peiffer – Quarryville Borough
    • Flag retirement ceremony, June 14th at noon in Memorial Park

April 2021 General Member Meeting Minutes

28 in attendance: Joe Yurick, Mandy Leggett, Jan Wagner, Cathy Kaschak, Chyanne Hart, Anthony Cavallaro, Alan Oliver, Kelli Brandenberger, Kris Bradley, Mike Price, Heather Kreiger, Chris Heal, Jadan Willis, Patten Mills, Tom Lutz, Bill Regitz, Austin Glanzer, Kathy Trapp, Dayna Reidenouer, Deb Riddell, Tony Bennett, Mike Corcoran, Colleen Davis, Jennifer Goldman, Jen Evans, Holly Filius.

Mandy opened the meeting on Zoom at 7:30am. She announced that scholarships are due on 4/15/21, Barnstormers tickets are available 4 at a time per game for the Chamber’s seats and to contact her or Maureen to get on the schedule and Women in Business is meeting for breakout rooms on Monday at 7pm on Zoom. Also, she thanked Keith and Joe for their service to the board.

Everyone introduced themselves and their businesses. Joe mentioned that he will be on a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel and needs one more contestant with a house/garage/barn that needs cleaned out. Bill Regitz talked about business loans and that SCORE can help navigate. Miles for Mental Health is happening at New Hope soon, per Deb Riddell. The Quarryville Police Foundation will be at the Daily Grind with free coffee on April 17th for the community to meet officers from 9-11am. Willow Valley/DoubleTree is hiring, especially the hotel operations, and dinner service is now available at the café, per Alan Oliver. Kris Bradley mentioned that the vaccine is available to 12,000 people at Vaccinate Lancaster. Giant is always looking for volunteer opportunities in the community, per Tony Bennett, store manager. Rhoads is celebrating their 104th year, per Jennifer Goldman. Jen Evans said their business will also be featured on a TV show out of Maryland.

5 panelists including Kelli Brandenberger, Jadan Willis, Austin Glanzer, Tom Lutz and Heather Kreiger presented on real estate. Mandy asked a series of questions about residential and commercial real estate, investment properties, wholesale real estate, financing, marketing, how the market has changed since Jan started 36 years ago (she hopped in the panel), Colleen Davis commented on staging houses and it was an EXCELLENT presentation full of great info!

March 2021 General Member Meeting Minutes

In attendance – on Zoom: 

President/Secretary Mandy Leggett, Treasurer Cathy Kaschak, Board Members Anthony Cavallaro, Kelli Brandenberger, Kris Bradley and Kristen Phipps. General members: Trudy Grove, Fred Engle, Sharon Roche, Ina Bunnell, Jadan Willis, Alan Oliver, April Perez, Dayna Reidenouer, Susan Morgenroth, Keith Kaufman, Brian Bliss, Eric Keyer, Deb Riddell, Heather Kreiger, Patten Mills, Kendall Keeler, Tom Groody, Bill Regitz, Wendy Royal, Peter Fiorello, Jona Green, Chris Heal, Teresa Dolan, Raeanne Nixon. (32 total people)


Mandy opened the meeting with some announcements: Barnstormers tickets are available, Trudy is looking for 5K sponsorships, Marsha Charles is looking for office space in Quarryville or the surrounding area, scholarships are available to apply and ads will be out soon, Women in Business is now meeting twice a month and next month’s General Member Meeting will be on real estate in Lancaster County. She also mentioned that we will stay on Zoom until lawyer Brandon Harter gives us the go ahead to meet in person, as well as Murray Insurance. Finally, she recognized our new board member Kristen Phipps, reintroduced Kris Bradley as a board member and mentioned that Megan Witmer and Keith will be advisors to the board. 

Everyone introduced themselves and their business. 

Cathy did a very sweet thank you announcement to Mandy for serving the last year as president despite all the challenges of COVID. *Cathy noted that Keith wrote the speech with the help of the board. 

Kendall took over as host and led inspiring questions to our panel of non-profit leaders that attended: Raeanne (Solid Rock), Sharon (Quarryville Library), Anthony (Quarryville Police Foundation), Keith (Solanco Education Foundation), Teresa (Solanco Food Bank) and Deb Riddell (New Hope Ministries). 

(It was an excellent meeting!)